Three-wheeled mini coming in Dubai

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Three-wheeled mini unveiled

Economical and environmentally-friendly vehicle will be available in Dubai

Dubai : The Dubai International Motor Show for the first time in its history displayed a three-wheeled mini, the Scoot Coupe, which will soon be on the market here.

The licensing agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is considering providing the vehicle with a plate number — a decision that will enable it to operate on the highway.

The fuel efficiency of the vehicle in addition to its speed and small size, which will make it handy to park, mean it might become a vehicle of choice for Dubai residents.

Izzat Rustom, managing director of Dubai Exotic Limo and Middle East Dealer of the Scoot Coupe, told Gulf News that the two-person car was the latest in style.

The 2008 Scoot Coupe is built in the US by Panther Motors Inc. The Scoot Coupe has three wheels and handlebars like a motorcycle. However, it carries the passenger and driver side-by-side in car seats. It gets great mileage, much the same as a regular motorcycle.

Rustom said: "It is very stable on the road and weighs 400kg with seatbelts, GPS connectors and tracking system."

Creative ideas

It is approved to be driven on the highway in several US states, he said.

"It has an automatic transmission with independent all-wheel suspension. It is made really well; its brakes are excellent and it is an excellent drive."

Anyone can buy this car for Dh36,000 and drive it with a UAE driving licence, he added.

Clarifying why he took the risk of bringing such an inspired product to Dubai, Rustom said: "Dubai is the city of creative ideas and top services to support and provide help to promote such a product."

Since Dubai is a global business and tourist hub this car will be a source of enjoyment for many, in the new projects such as Jumeirah Beach Residence and Jumeirah Palm, Rustom added.

"We have already signed a contract with Avis, the car rental agency, to rent the Scoot Coup with their fleets.'

The aim of this three-wheeler is to maintain services and offer new and convenient transportation while helping the environment and personal finances.

"We have also submitted a proposal to the RTA that these mini car-motorcycles could be very helpful for parking inspectors to ease their work walking from one street to another to check cars. After Dubai we will introduce this car in Abu Dhabi.

"Dubai will be our platform to the Middle East as our target after the UAE is places which also attract tourists such as Egypt," Rustom said.

The Scoot Coupe specifications: Comes in four colours - race red, mantis green, azure blue and solar yellow. Width: 142cm

Length: 243cm, Brakes: all wheel disc, Engine: 4 stroke GY6 type, Transmission: CVT automatic, Wheels: 13" alloy, Body: Gel coat fibreglass Seatbelt: 2 pt. restraint, Gauges: Tach, full dot spec, Lighting; full dot spec, Fuel: Gasoline 1.25 gallon, electric start, Steering: Rack and Pinion, Front End: internal wheel hub, Suspension: All wheel independent.

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Dubai is famous city in all over the world. Here I get such nice and new three wheeled mini. Child more comfortable in this type of toys. Its too good.

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