Thursday, October 15, 2009 Admin
Hi, I’m Jan Michael Buyco and I write Three Wheel Electric Scooter Blog to help people know more about Three Wheel Electric Scooters.

I started Three Wheel Electric Scooter Blog in 2009 that started as a new interest and I'm trying to help people who are planning to buy a three wheel electric scooter or who already own one get the latest news, reviews & tips to make the best of the three wheel electric scooter like upgrades and repairing three wheel electric scooter. I don't claim myself to be an expert yet in this field but I plan to explore more of this.

Prior to this new found interest in Three Wheel Electric Scooter, I spent over five years as a IT Technician, I constantly research the internet and spend a lot of time trying to learn new things.

To contact me, please email MikeBuyco@gmail.com.