Five Familiar Driving Tips in Three Wheel Electric Scooter

Friday, December 4, 2009 Admin
To help new Three Wheel Electric Scooter owners I have published some driving tips that we have can be found normally in the manuals.

Before driving a three wheel electric scooter you should refer to the highway code to ensure you have the very latest information possible. In some other areas they don't allow electric scooters in the road. If you feel you would need help from training, ask some local police. Some offer services of mobility scooter training schemes aimed at improving your skills.

Make sure also that you understand the what type of three wheel electric scooter and ask if it can be used on the road or payment only. With that in mind let's take a look at 5 basic driving tips that can help you better take of your three wheel electric scooter and yourself.

1. Always use caution when driving your Three Wheel Electric scooter in reverse.

Don't back up for long distances. Reverse speed is 50% lower than forward speed but don't go blazing backward without looking back. Use caution when pulling out and ease back slowly. When you are going in reverse remember you have three wheels in the back so don't rely too much on your rearview or side mirrors (if you have one), physically turn your body and look out the back while you are going in reverse. This way you can directly assess anything that comes into your way, and those accidents of heavy consequence can be avoided.

2. Avoid shortcutting sidewalk corners.

Remember you are using a three wheel not a two wheel. If you try to use a short cut on sidewalks, it will cause the back wheel to drive off of the sidewalk. You'll have to wait for the spare parts to come before you can use your three wheel electric scooter again.

3. Enter Narrow driving doorways/paths slowly.

You should always watch out for additional obstacles such as car mirrors or door knobs. Even if you are rushing it's better to take care of your three wheel electric scooter NOW than regret seeing marks on it later.

4. Slow down the speed of your three wheel electric scooter when driving up or down the hills.

The reason is simple there is possibility your scooter will be damage by the strong impact when it hits the ground and also there is a possibility you might fall off the chair. This apply not only in scooters but also in other vehicles.

5. Try to avoid obstacles that are higher than 1 inch.

Just like tip number four your scooter will be damage from below, and by doing this you are taking better care of your scooter.

Now you have a few basic information on driving. This will save money on maintenance and in your health. Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to share this with person who will benefit from this. Enjoy your Three Wheel Electric Scooter and Take Care.

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