Electric Scooters for Kids

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Electric scooters are great for kids to enjoy. They will love playing with them. There is something about self propelled bikes and scooters that will always elicit a special appeal to children. Even with large range of ages, kids will appreciate the gift you will give them.  A lot of kids electric scooters have different sizes, makes, features and speeds which they can choose from.

Some of the benefits for using a kids electric scooter are kids will be able to keep up with older siblings and adults because of the electric scooter. The great thing about kids electric scooter is that they are easy to use, they can either use the motor for porpulsion or use their foot. They will also feel like they are provided with freedom since the most electric scooters have a maximum speed of between 10-15 mph without a load and terrain. Most of the time  you can expect speeds around 5-10 miles per hour. As a parent you won't have to worry about the restricting you kids since adults can keep up with the scooter.

The child will not have to deal with unsafe pertroleum and there is no need to for gas since they run in batteries. With two or three wheels they offer stability around every turn. Here are some different types of kids electric scooter you can choose from:

Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

This type of electric scooter gives a high performance and it is based on an old classic vespa scooter design, that can reach of a speed of 15 mph. This is fast enough to make a quick trip to the neighbors. They have a built in battery that could be use up to 45 minutes non stop on a single charge. Having pneumatic tires with rear suspension that give a child a comfortable ride. It has a paddled seat and kids can control the speed of the acceleration.

Kid Side Kick Electric Scooter

This is almost the same as the Pocket Mod Electric Scooter except that it has a side car which is perfect to put other toys. It has the perfect speed and size for younger kids. Even a child of a very young age can enjoy this and the parents don't have to worry watching them. This can be used inside the house. Perfectly safe for 5 years old and below.

Stand Up Electric Scooter

This type is great for pre-teens and teens wanting to go to the park or visit a friend. It is very easy to start with a manual kick off. this can have a speed of 10 miles per hour. This is usually for 8 ages above. It is fast enough to enjoy but not too fast to be put in danger in the street or sidewalks. The rechargeable batteries usually last for a long time. They can enjoy riding it for 40 minutes non stop.

Seated Electric Scooter

This is almost the same as stand up electric scooter except that the child can seat while riding this scooter. It has a super sized deck and frame. Riders will love the adjustable, foldable handlebars, which extend or lower depending on the height of the rider. This can be ridden up to 45 minutes non stop.

The scooter also has a cushioned seat with a pair of wide pneumatic tires to ensure a comfortable ride while you zip around the neighborhood.  The seat and seat post can also be removed for stand-up riding like the stand up electric scooter.

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