What Type of Three Wheel Electric Scooter is Best for You

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 Admin
Many people having problems with mobility require a solution to go places whether indoors or outdoors, also needed a way to carry around a few of their things when getting around from place to place. It is not easy for them to walk long distances but do not want to use a wheel chair or feel like totally disabled.

One way to solve the problem some people are facing is to purchase a three wheel electric scooter. These assisted people to move around when they want to. You can now even see these in some grocery stores where they help their customers with mobility problems by having three wheel electric scooters available for them to use. These make things easier for them to complete their shopping.

Options in mobility scooters are available both three wheel and four wheel, with three wheel electric scooters being more maneuverable and a bit lighter in weight, and the four wheel scooters are a bit more stable than three wheel.

These scooters are electric and they can be used either indoors or outdoors. There are some models designed for the purpose of indoor and others are designed for all around use.

You can get them in different colors, including black, blue, white, red, and tan. The price can be comparable to other electric scooters. It doesn’t have the speed of electric motor cycles and can only go to five miles per hour. If you want to check different types of Electric scooters, you can check out my post on My Top 10 Amazon products. You can read it here:


There are other different dealers that sell mobility vehicles such as these. If you are considering of buying one it would be best to check out the different options available to see which would suit your needs best.

You can compare different features and prices and read the reviews by other users who purchased and will get tons of great information on what would suit your personal needs. Some of the commonly purchased brands include Pride, Shoprider, AmeriGlide, and Golden.

There are models available that are foldable like the Amazon's Super Light 3-RWD Folding Scooter which fit into trunks of cars, while other models need a larger vehicle to transport them. They are usually meant for outdoor use as well as indoor use. Scooters also have head and tail lights as well turn signals which aids in safety. You can usually go for 25 miles per each charge of the battery.

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