Three-wheeled mini coming in Dubai

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Three-wheeled mini unveiled

Three Wheel Electric Power Merged With Off Road Capability

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Have you ever wondered what exactly is up with Three Wheel Electric Scooter? This informative report can give you an insight into everything you've ever wanted to know about Three Wheel Electric Scooter.

Is everything making sense so far? If not, I'm sure that with just a little more reading, all the facts will fall into place.

There is a new Three Wheel Scooter in town. Its really somewhat of a Hybrid - comparatively speaking anyhow. The new Trikke is a fantastic new three Wheel Scooter that derives with lot's of modern options and extras.This three Wheeler comes prepared with high functioning air tires and aluminum rims, aircraft-grade aluminum frame and advanced component parts - Perfect for getting your adventure off road.

What Everybody Ought To Know About Spira 3-wheel Prototype

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Here is a three wheel electric scooter designed by Lon Ballard. It is called Spira. This is going to be a long history and the benefits of driving one. Here it is:
Driving the Spira 3-wheel prototype

The Spira three-wheeler is a unique vehicle. It's one of the finalists in the Automotive X-Prize but its frugal fuel consumption and low emissions are only part of the vision of making it a car for the people. The Spira starts with a scooter, uses everything but the frame, and all those parts bolt into a foam composite tub to create a lightweight (137 kg) three-wheeled two-seater with immeasurably greater crash protection for the occupants. Gizmag visited the Spira's home in Thailand to drive what inventor Lon Ballard hopes will become a machine for the people, and came away mightily impressed.

The SCOOTER Store launches a new Ad That Will Add a Lot of Value And Cost Savings

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The SCOOTER Store is America's leading supplier of scooters and power chairs for people with limited mobility which include three wheel electric scooter. They just launch a new advertising that would help benefit a lot of persons who are having mobility problems in terms of value and cost. Read the story from PR Newswire

The SCOOTER Store Launches New Advertising Highlighting the Value and Cost Savings From Medicare's Power Mobility Benefit
New Television Ad, "This is Medicare and America at its Best," Begins Airing Today

WASHINGTON, Dec. 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The SCOOTER Store today launched a new advertising strategy that outlines the quality of life improvements and cost savings associated with Medicare's Power Mobility Benefit, which allows disabled senior citizens and others living with limited mobility to receive power wheelchairs.

With budget cuts likely in the Medicare program if healthcare reform legislation is enacted, Doug Harrison, CEO and Founder of The SCOOTER Store, said that it is critical for Congress, policymakers and Medicare beneficiaries to recognize the value of the Power Mobility Benefit.

"It is unfortunate that this very important Medicare benefit is so often misunderstood," Mr. Harrison said. "Our ads will emphasize that increased mobility enhances the lives of Medicare beneficiaries, while pointing out that seniors with power wheelchairs save the government more than $1 billion a year from fewer visits to emergency rooms after falls, and by delaying placements in costly nursing homes. Clearly, this is a benefit that healthcare reform should sustain, not reduce."

The initial ad began airing today on national news networks in specific markets, and will be broadcast in others in future months. Entitled "Medicare and America at its Best," the 60-second spot was produced by Frisby & Associates, Inc. /Noelle-Elaine Media. The ad shows senior citizens maneuvering power wheelchairs to do everyday tasks in a home, as they discuss some of the benefits of power wheelchairs for people with limited mobility.

In the ad, Mr. Harrison says that enabling seniors "to live safely and independently in their own homes greatly improves their quality of life and cuts healthcare spending. Our nation's physicians prescribe power wheelchairs because they know the loss of personal mobility can lead to painful and costly fall-related injuries and prematurely force people into expensive nursing homes.

"Together, Medicare, physicians and equipment providers bring mobility to those needing it most. Medicare's power mobility benefit has restored pride and dignity to a generation of Americans who helped build and protect our nation.

"This is Medicare and America at its BEST!!!"

The ad asks viewers who want more information about the Power Mobility Benefit to call 866-242-3889 or visit The ad can also be viewed at


Michael Pfister

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Three Wheel Electric Scooter T3 helps Police Security

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Last week I posted about campus police are now switching to Three Wheel Electric Scooters (green Scooters). Is three wheel electric scooter only for persons with mobility issues? Well the police are also benefiting from it. People are actually interested when when police officers use three wheel electric scooter.

When I first posted a news topic about Police officers are now trying to use a three wheel vehicle. It had the most views. Is investing in this types vehicle worth it? You decide. Read below:


Scooters help guards step up patrol
Two electric T3s are used in daytime at county site

three wheel electric scooter t352San Diego — Guarding 18 acres of lawn, parking lots and the historic County Administration Center itself could be a tough day’s work. But the job now goes a little smoother for the crew at Heritage Private Security.

Site supervisor Patty McCallister used to take up to 20,000 steps during a single shift, writing tickets for illegal parking, looking out for vandals and generally keeping the peace.

Now McCallister patrols the same grounds on a T3, a three-wheeled electric scooter that glides across the vast parking lots and picnic areas without making a sound. And she has to exercise on her own time.

“We’re able to cover more ground in less time,” McCallister said. “And our response time is much quicker.”

These “personal mobility vehicles” aren’t available to everyday consumers. They are strictly marketed as a next-generation law enforcement tool to police departments, government agencies and security operations around the globe.

According to the Costa Mesa-based manufacturer, the T3s are used at Point Loma Nazarene University, Palomar College, Fashion Valley mall, Southwestern College and UCSD Medical Center, and by the downtown San Diego business partnership.

At the county building, the Clerk of the Board’s Office is responsible for maintaining and securing the county government’s most visible asset, the iconic building along San Diego Bay that was dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression.

This month, the county took delivery of two of the electric scooters, which cost $9,000 each. The money came from a $350,000 fund approved this year by the Board of Supervisors to improve security and emergency services at the complex, including better lighting and evacuation chairs for the disabled.

“We’re doing a number of things to upgrade security in the building,” said David Hall, the county official who helps oversee the County Administration Center. The T3s “have worked out really well for us.”

The T3s can move as fast as 25 miles per hour, although McCallister said the two she is in charge of are set to go no faster than 8 mph — at least until she and her guards are accustomed to operating the vehicles. They have sirens and flashing lights, and the driver also can employ a “squelcher” to get people’s attention.

“When I first heard we were getting them, I thought it was an accident waiting to happen,” said McCallister, who added a black helmet to her wardrobe as a result of the T3s. “But once I learned how to maneuver, it makes things a whole lot easier.”

McCallister said the platform she stands on allows her to see much more of the parking lot than she could on foot. At 5 feet, 5 inches tall, she couldn’t see above many of the sport utility vehicles.

“It’s increased my visibility,” she said. “I’m 9 inches taller than I was before.”

The job of guarding the County Administration Center is shared by sheriff’s deputies and Heritage Private Security teams. The security company generally patrols outside during the day and both indoors and outdoors overnight. The county paid Heritage a little more than $500,000 for its 24/7 operation during the past fiscal year.

The T3s are used only during the daytime because the charge lasts about 15 miles per day. At night, they are recharged and stored in a maintenance shop on the corner of the property.

McCallister said she gets a lot of comments on the T3s from people visiting county headquarters, but not everyone thinks they were a good investment. During an interview with McCallister the other day, James Spellman of North Park stopped by to add his two cents’ worth.

“This is the biggest waste of government money ever,” said Spellman, who said he only travels on two wheels. “There’s nothing that can be done on that that can’t be done on a bicycle. I’m 55 years old. I don’t understand why people half my age can’t pedal a bike.”

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Five Familiar Driving Tips in Three Wheel Electric Scooter

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To help new Three Wheel Electric Scooter owners I have published some driving tips that we have can be found normally in the manuals.

Before driving a three wheel electric scooter you should refer to the highway code to ensure you have the very latest information possible. In some other areas they don't allow electric scooters in the road. If you feel you would need help from training, ask some local police. Some offer services of mobility scooter training schemes aimed at improving your skills.

Make sure also that you understand the what type of three wheel electric scooter and ask if it can be used on the road or payment only. With that in mind let's take a look at 5 basic driving tips that can help you better take of your three wheel electric scooter and yourself.

1. Always use caution when driving your Three Wheel Electric scooter in reverse.

Don't back up for long distances. Reverse speed is 50% lower than forward speed but don't go blazing backward without looking back. Use caution when pulling out and ease back slowly. When you are going in reverse remember you have three wheels in the back so don't rely too much on your rearview or side mirrors (if you have one), physically turn your body and look out the back while you are going in reverse. This way you can directly assess anything that comes into your way, and those accidents of heavy consequence can be avoided.

2. Avoid shortcutting sidewalk corners.

Remember you are using a three wheel not a two wheel. If you try to use a short cut on sidewalks, it will cause the back wheel to drive off of the sidewalk. You'll have to wait for the spare parts to come before you can use your three wheel electric scooter again.

3. Enter Narrow driving doorways/paths slowly.

You should always watch out for additional obstacles such as car mirrors or door knobs. Even if you are rushing it's better to take care of your three wheel electric scooter NOW than regret seeing marks on it later.

4. Slow down the speed of your three wheel electric scooter when driving up or down the hills.

The reason is simple there is possibility your scooter will be damage by the strong impact when it hits the ground and also there is a possibility you might fall off the chair. This apply not only in scooters but also in other vehicles.

5. Try to avoid obstacles that are higher than 1 inch.

Just like tip number four your scooter will be damage from below, and by doing this you are taking better care of your scooter.

Now you have a few basic information on driving. This will save money on maintenance and in your health. Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to share this with person who will benefit from this. Enjoy your Three Wheel Electric Scooter and Take Care.

What Type of Three Wheel Electric Scooter is Best for You

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Many people having problems with mobility require a solution to go places whether indoors or outdoors, also needed a way to carry around a few of their things when getting around from place to place. It is not easy for them to walk long distances but do not want to use a wheel chair or feel like totally disabled.

One way to solve the problem some people are facing is to purchase a three wheel electric scooter. These assisted people to move around when they want to. You can now even see these in some grocery stores where they help their customers with mobility problems by having three wheel electric scooters available for them to use. These make things easier for them to complete their shopping.

Options in mobility scooters are available both three wheel and four wheel, with three wheel electric scooters being more maneuverable and a bit lighter in weight, and the four wheel scooters are a bit more stable than three wheel.

These scooters are electric and they can be used either indoors or outdoors. There are some models designed for the purpose of indoor and others are designed for all around use.

You can get them in different colors, including black, blue, white, red, and tan. The price can be comparable to other electric scooters. It doesn’t have the speed of electric motor cycles and can only go to five miles per hour. If you want to check different types of Electric scooters, you can check out my post on My Top 10 Amazon products. You can read it here:

There are other different dealers that sell mobility vehicles such as these. If you are considering of buying one it would be best to check out the different options available to see which would suit your needs best.

You can compare different features and prices and read the reviews by other users who purchased and will get tons of great information on what would suit your personal needs. Some of the commonly purchased brands include Pride, Shoprider, AmeriGlide, and Golden.

There are models available that are foldable like the Amazon's Super Light 3-RWD Folding Scooter which fit into trunks of cars, while other models need a larger vehicle to transport them. They are usually meant for outdoor use as well as indoor use. Scooters also have head and tail lights as well turn signals which aids in safety. You can usually go for 25 miles per each charge of the battery.