e-motive scooters cost as little as one penny per mile to run

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Launching in the UK with a range of three stylish electric scooters, the British-based e-motive brand is making zero-emission two-wheeled personal transport a viable, practical and affordable reality.

Its triumvirate of dynamic debut models – the e1, e3 and e5 – employs the very latest electric motor and battery technology to get riders from A to B without the CO2. And what is more, they are road tax exempt and cost as little as one penny per mile to run.

But perhaps most importantly, in what is believed to be an industry first for an electrically-powered vehicle, the e-motive range is offered through a 25-strong nationwide network of professional and experienced dealers. Through this ever-increasing network, potential customers will be able to test ride e-motive models and get specific advice from factory-trained technicians who inspect and prepare every scooter before delivery. Launched by automotive specialists Koelliker UK, the team behind the brand are hugely experienced.

Customers will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty, with 2-year AA roadside assistance thrown in, plus full after-sales servicing and support at the dealer should it be needed.

e-motive Managing Director, Paul Williams, said: ‘We are thrilled to be the first brand to make electrically-powered vehicles a real option for ordinary people in the UK. Until now, the drawbacks associated with owning electric vehicles meant they have been reserved for the most committed environmentalists. But the reliability, rideability and all-round consumer package that comes with these scooters finally makes owning and running a zero-emissions vehicle affordable, supremely practical and desirable.

‘The obvious green credentials and quality of the e-motive range, coupled with incredibly low running costs and the ability to travel an impressive distance on a single charge, will make them an attractive proposition to anyone who’s fed-up with the rigours of the daily commute. But it’s the establishment of a nationwide network of professional dealers that sets us apart from the rest. For the first time, buyers will have the backing of solid, ongoing service and not simply be left to fend for themselves if anything goes wrong.’

Fun to ride, each model in the range is more than a match for its traditional petrol-driven counterparts in terms of torque, rideability and reliability. Simply plug them into a standard socket at your home or office and they’ll cover up to 80 miles on a single charge, reaching speeds of 65mph. But they are also cheap to own and operate, while their zero-emission motors mean each model comes with clean air and a clear conscience as standard.

Each model in the e-motive series has been designed to meet the unique needs of different kinds of rider, from those who want a compact and chic city runaround to those who tackle longer journeys and may need space for a passenger. However, all three models shine in four key areas – lifestyle, affordability, performance and reliability.

Forget hours spent in jams or hunting for the right parking space. The new e-motive range is designed to free riders from the grind of modern-day travel and give them back their most precious commodity - time.

Easy to ride and incredibly nimble, each scooter in the range will zip past traffic in a flash and the near-silent motor means you can hear the birds sing along the way. Meanwhile, with no dirty exhaust or harmful emissions, you’ll be able to breathe in the clean air and smell the flowers as you go, safe in the knowledge you’re helping the environment.

When it comes to affordability, the e-motive range is a definite winner, with a competitive purchase price, no engine maintenance, no fuel costs and no tax. And with running costs of around 1p per mile, the average daily UK round trip commute would cost just 20 pence - that’s far cheaper than any car, bus, train or tube.

The compact dimensions of the three e-motive models mean it’s easy to find free parking and, what’s more, zero emissions mean riders will also dodge the taxman, the costly London Congestion Charge, parking charges in some locations, as well as the traffic.

When it comes to performance, each e-motive model is more than a match for its petrol-powered cousins. Even the baby of the bunch – the cool and chic e1 – accelerates swiftly and smoothly, reaching speeds of 40mph and travelling up to 50 miles on a single charge. The mid-range e3 can reach 55mph and travel up to 70 miles on a charge – more than enough for the daily commute. Meanwhile, the daddy of the family – the e5 – is capable of travelling up to 80 miles on a single charge and reaches a top speed of 65mph (where permitted).

Each model in the e-motive range is manufactured to the highest standards and, as such, offers great reliability. However, in the unlikely event things do go wrong, each model comes with a comprehensive two-year, unlimited mileage warranty, including AA roadside assist, for total peace of mind. Just pop into your local e-motive dealer for professional support and advice.

The range:

e1 Series
The e1 is a classic-looking urban scooter with Italian styling that oozes retro chic and timeless cool. Small and easy to manoeuvre, the e1 is available in three variants – the e1S with 2kW motor and silicon battery; the e1 with a 2kW motor and lithium ion battery and the e1+ with 3kW motor and lithium ion battery – making it perfect for the inner city or urban commute.

The e1S can hit a top speed of 28mph and can take you for over 35 miles on a single charge, making it an ideal starter bike for a 16 year-old. The e1 will carry you more than 40 miles on a single charge, while the e1+ can travel at up to 43mph and has a range of 50 miles.
The e1S, costs just £1399, the e1 costs £1999 and the e1+ costs £2249.

The super-versatile e3 is big enough to take two in comfort and powerful enough for long A-road journeys, without losing any of the versatility of its smaller sibling. Powered by a 4kW brushless hub electric motor coupled to a lithium ion battery it can whisk you up to 55mph, yet can travel up to 70 miles at urban commuting speeds.
With modern, sporty styling, it’s priced at just £2999.

Topping the range, the e5 takes personal, zero-emissions transport into new realms of distance and speed. It’s aero-sculpted bodywork and a 5kW brushless hub electric motor means it copes effortlessly with passengers, gradients and long, open-road journeys while travelling up to 80 miles and hitting a top speed of 65mph. And all for just £3999.


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