R Martin Limited Announces Addition of Mobility Scooters and Electric Trikes

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 Admin

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 16, 2009 — R Martin Limited is pleased to announce the addition of mobility scooters, lift chairs, and 3-wheel electric trikes to its electric transportation product line-up. Five years of experience with electric transportation make these additions a perfect complement to R Martin Limited’s existing electric bicycle, electric moped and electric scooter product lines.

While they may travel slower than traditional electric transportation, mobility scooters offer the freedom to get around indoors or outdoors. Many folks that can’t walk long distances are using mobility scooters to get out and enjoy life with a little extra assistance. Shopping, traveling, visiting friends and family are all easier with electric powered assistance.

For those that need assistance getting up from a seated position, R Martin Limited is offering and supporting the Pride electric lift chair line. These well-built lift chairs recline completely and also raise up so that getting up is a breeze. All of this is controlled through the electric remote supplied with each chair.

R Martin Limited’s mobility scooters and lift chairs come from Pride and Amigo Mobility. The Pride and Amigo products are quality built and competitively priced. R Martin provides full service for the products, including free consultation and delivery and setup in the home. These services are being offered initially in the Austin, TX metro area. See http://www.rmartinmobilityscooter.com for more information.

Three-wheel electric trikes are also being added. The trikes will offer another electric transportation option for shopping, commuting, and general transportation needs. R Martin Limited has had many requests for these through the years and has added these to address those requests. The 48v, 350-watt powered electric tricycles are solidly built and well-balanced. A large rear basket is provided for extra carrying capacity.

In addition to these new products, the latest models of R Martin Limited’s highly efficient “R” series electric bikes are in stock and available immediately. R Martin electric bicycles are not classified as motor vehicles and therefore require no license or insurance to operate. By combining high-quality lithium batteries and high-efficiency motors, R Martin bikes can travel 30+ miles per charge with little or no pedaling. This makes them a popular choice for short urban commuting trips without the expense and hassle of traditional gas-powered transportation.

Dealers are welcome to apply for an exclusive territory for R Martin’s electric bikes and trikes. R Martin offers these products at wholesale prices through the http://www.electricbikedistributor.com web site. See the “Dealer” link at the top of the home page.


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