The SCOOTER Store Surprises Union Hill Volunteer Firefighter With Scooter

Friday, October 30, 2009 Admin
ROCHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Union Hill Fire Department firefighters save
the lives of total strangers on an almost daily basis. It is no surprise they will do
everything they can to change the life of one of their own, volunteer firefighter 
Marty Blakely.

During a vacation with his family this summer, Blakely suffered a blood clot, which 
led to the discovery of a cancerous tumor and the amputation of one of his legs, 
which has confined him to a wheelchair. The fire department held a benefit to help 
the Blakely family cover medical bills and raise money to complete home renovations 
to accommodate his wheelchair.  
As the benefit began on Sunday, The SCOOTER Store and the fire department surprised 
Blakely at the Damascus Shrine Center with a three-wheel Revo electric scooter. On 
hand from The SCOOTER Store's Rochester operations were Distribution Center Manager 
Josh Hernandez, Mobility & Service Specialist Paul Little and Healthcare Relations 
Consultant Mike Krym to make the presentation.
The scooter was donated under The SCOOTER Store's "Gift of Mobility" program, which 
provides mobility equipment and assistance to those who do not have the resources or 
insurance to obtain power wheelchairs and scooters.
Blakely met his wife Mary Ann while working for the fire department where she is the
fire prevention coordinator. He has served as captain, assistant chief and a member 
of the board of directors. When he was not volunteering, he worked for Kaman 
Industrial Technologies and Yamaha Motor Sports as a demo snowmobile rider.
"Marty is a young man with a young family who is going through an incredible journey
right now," said Fire Department Chief Brian Ball. "A past chief and dedicated 
volunteer, he is now in a day-to-day struggle at just 41 years old.
Mobility is a huge issue since he lost his leg. His inability to care for himself 
without aid is a major physical and emotional obstacle."
The power chair will help Marty regain his freedom and independence. He can once 
again get around the garage to build or repair his vehicles and continue to 
participate in the scout events with his family.
"One of our distribution center managers contacted us about Mr. Blakely and the 
benefit for his family, asking for a unit to raffle, but we knew we could do so much
more to help," said Doug Harrison, Founder, President and CEO of The SCOOTER Store. 
"We started the Gift of Mobility program because we understand that mobility, and the
ensuing independence, is truly a gift. We are so glad to give independence back to a 
hero like Marty."
Harrison and his wife, Susanna, started the Gift of Mobility program in December 2002
to help people like Marty Blakely improve their quality of life by assisting in their
independence and mobility. Since then, the outreach program has worked with nonprofit
groups around the country to donate power wheelchairs, scooters and manual 
wheelchairs valued at more than $200,000 a year to individuals and community service
organizations, enabling them to provide freedom and independence to people with 
limited mobility.
About The SCOOTER Store 
Since 1991, The SCOOTER Store has helped provide freedom and independence to more people with limited mobility than any other company in the nation. Forty percent employee-owned, the company primarily offers power mobility equipment, including power wheelchairs, scooters, lifts, ramps, and accessories, in 48 states and Puerto Rico. The SCOOTER Store currently holds more than 30 percent of the current U.S. market in the DME industry and is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care. The goal of The SCOOTER Store is to create an opportunity for every American senior to live their entire life safely and confidently at home

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