Get a Three Wheel Electric Scooter like the Kiwanis Club

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Last few days ago. We talked about police officers trying the three wheel vehicle.


Here is another interesting article about a three wheel electric scooter for the police:


Club seeking to buy scooter for police

The Westminster Police Department may have a larger presence in the community if a fundraising effort by the Kiwanis Club of Greater Westminster gains steam.The Kiwanis Club is fundraising on behalf of the Westminster Police Department to raise $9,000 that would pay for the purchase of a T-3 scooter.

“It’s quick and easy access to streets, alleys and sidewalks,” said Lyndi McNulty, vice president of the Kiwanis Club.

The three wheel electric scooter is similar to the two-wheeled Segways that were introduced in the early 2000s and is being touted as the “Next Generation Law Enforcement Tool” by the manufacturer, T-3 Motion Inc.

It can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and is electrically powered, according to the Web site. It’s also quiet, according to Westminster Police Chief Jeff Spaulding.

“It’s pretty stealth. It’s silent in essence. They’ll be able to move around very efficiently,” Spaulding said.

Officers would most likely use it in the downtown business district and neighborhoods close to that area, he said. The police department currently uses officers on foot and bicycles in the downtown area, but Spaulding said a T-3 would allow them to patrol the area faster and give officers greater visibility.

While all Westminster police officers are involved in community policing, Spaulding said, no officer is assigned full-time to the downtown business district where he envisions the T-3 being used most often.

Lt. Patrick Bassler, community liaison officer for the Pennsylvania Avenue area, said the scooter would enable officers to do things they could not do in a police cruiser.“I suspect every community would like to see more police officers. A lot of them operate out of their vehicle, which allows them to get out into the community, but there are some automatic barriers when you’re riding in a 4,000-pound vehicle,” Spaulding said.

The Kiwanis Club began placing change jars in local businesses as one way to start raising the money, and it plans to get some local sponsors as well, according to McNulty. She estimated it would take about 10 months to raise the funds.


We may be seeing a lot of this in the future in the police department. What do you think? Should every police department use a three wheel electric scooter?

I hope you enjoy this article and feel free to share your comments below.


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