Campus police are now switching Three Wheel Electric Scooters (green scooters)!

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After the Police try out three-wheel electric vehicle like the Southington Officers. It is helping the police officers in patrolling. Police are now trying to use three wheel electric scooter on campuses. You got to love the police officers in those three wheel electric scooter.

Here is another interesting news By Melissa Ludwig from Express-News. Check it out:


Campus police switch to 'green' scooters

Charles Taylor is not RoboCop.Three Wheel Electric scooter green scooters 300

But that's what some students at San Antonio College like to call him when he glides across campus on his T3 Motion, an electric upright scooter that's popping up on college campuses, malls and grocery stores across the nation. Somewhat akin to the Segway PT, the T3 is designed specifically for law enforcement with a three-wheeled base, storage space, lights, sirens and the ability to turn on a dime.

“I'm used to walking, but I like this better,” said Taylor, a 56-year-old security officer with dark sunglasses and a trim frame. “Most people say it looks nice.”

Alamo Colleges recently spent around $120,000 on 10 scooters for its five campuses, allowing the police department to get rid of four cars, reduce carbon emissions and save money on fuel, said Don Adams, chief of police. Powered with rechargeable battery packs, the T3s cost around 10 cents a day to operate and do not pollute the air, Adams said.

“The district has a green initiative, and this was part of us trying to get on board,” he said.

Plus, the scooters are ideal for patrolling campuses, where cars and even bicycles can be impractical because of the crowds, Adams said.

Since 2006, Costa Mesa, Calif.-based T3 Motion Inc. has sold around 1,600 of the vehicles to law enforcement and security departments across the world, posing serious competition to inventor Dean Kamen's plug-in Segway PT.

In addition to Alamo Colleges, the company's client roster in San Antonio includes the University of Texas Health Science Center and H-E-B grocery stores, said Jeff Simpson, marketing manager for T3 Motion.

At around $9,000 per vehicle, the T3 is more expensive than a Segway PT, but Adams said he preferred the three-wheeled base and ability to remove batteries to recharge, keeping the vehicle in service 24 hours a day.

Segways “were first in the market, and we studied what they had left open and designed a vehicle to address those needs,” Simpson said.

Unlike the Segway, the T3 is not designed for personal use and is sold only to law enforcement and security agencies. Simpson said when Columbia Pictures made the movie “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” the studio approached T3 Motion about featuring their vehicle in the movie.

T3 declined, so the studio approached Segway.

Segway “said no, so they just went out and bought one,” Simpson said. “We are very serious about our brand and the perception of our product.”

At Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, where a student shot and killed 32 people in 2007, a student told Simpson the campus felt safer with all the police officers zipping around on T3 vehicles.

In fact, there was only one officer, Simpson said.

“He was moving around with such frequency it created a sense of omnipresence,” Simpson said.

On Taylor's patrol shift, two people flagged him down within the space of 10 minutes, one to point out a suspicious truck carrying off scrap metal and another to complain about students parking in faculty lots.

Those who would snicker at RoboCop and his T3, beware. He can write a lot of parking tickets on that thing.


Hope you enjoyed this post on three wheel electric scooter news. Watch out for the police officers in your campuses. He may not be Robocop but he sure can make you feel sorry for parking the wrong place. I think the cops in Three wheel electric scooter rocks! What do you think?


Mobility Devices Now Include Three Wheel Scooters That Offer Many Hi-Tech Features

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If you are in need of a mobility device to get you up and going and provide you with quality and safe transportation, you should be looking at the latest in three wheel scooters for your answer. These electric scooters are offering the technology and engineering of today to provide you with a product that is reliable, easy to use, completely safe, and with the power to take you anywhere you want to go. These mobility devices are better than ever and are available at a cost that you can afford. The scooters are easy to transport because most will fold up and you are able to carry them right in the trunk of any car. They are designed to be able to hold over 300 pounds of weight and are powerful enough to travel at four miles per hour. They are very stable and will last for many years with just routine maintenance.

The three-wheel design of these scooters makes them much more maneuverable than the traditional four wheel scooters. They are much lighter and easier to fold up and transport as well. They are also less expensive to purchase and you still have plenty of room for storage and carrying items. You can go to the grocery store and do your shopping with a scooter designed like this. The chair is large enough to provide plenty of comfort and support. This is the product that is fast becoming the standard for mobility devices in the industry. Your next stop should be to test drive one as soon as possible.

Many of the scooters with three wheels have rubber matted floors for durability and for added safety. They usually can be disassembled into five easy pieces for transport and this feature makes it easy to reassemble them quickly and correctly. There is nothing complicated about putting a scooter like this back together. The large battery provides hours of service and offers plenty of power for all of your mobility needs. It has easy throttle controls for both your hands and finger tips. These scooters are easy to control and steer so that you do not have to worry about the engagement of any turns.

The scooters of today have plenty of leg room and most offer folding arm rests for easy transfers, comfort and additional safety for the passenger. Many offer rust proof steel tubing that is strong and secure and will last many years. For the very best in a mobility machine that can do it all, you should investigate the newest in scooters with three wheels.

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Get Rid of Your Mobility Problems Once and For All

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Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to its fullest. If you have a medical condition which has been impairing your mobility, or if the natural aging process is limiting your ability to walk, a mobility scooter may be just what you have been hoping to find.

Electric scooters can make your life so much easier. They are the most convenient way to move freely about town, or through your home or other buildings where you spend time in your everyday life. You can shop, work, visit people, and even sightsee when you have a scooter to assist you.

In addition to the convenience a scooters will bring to your life, it will also give you the wonderful freedom you need and deserve to make your everyday life much more enjoyable. No matter what factors are currently limiting your mobility, you will be delighted with the newfound freedom you will receive when you use a mobility scooter.

Three Wheel Electric Scooter like mobility scooters can make your life better. Here is an article written on Mobility Scooters.


Mobility Scooters can Make Your Life Easier

by Chris Ibe

These scooters are also the safest means of achieving mobility. Unlike numerous inferior products, they are designed with your safety in mind. You can enjoy your mobility scooter with complete confidence that it has been designed with all of the safety features you need to use it in your everyday life.

When you opt to use an electric mobility scooter, you will immediately see that you do not have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of getting around. Whether you choose a three wheeled or a four wheeled scooter, you will see that it is designed for ease of use and comfort. The seat of your new scooter is as comfortable as your favorite chair.

Mobility scooters are so perfectly tailored to your needs that you will be pleasantly surprised with how affordable they are. You may have hesitated in checking out mobility scooters because you were concerned about the expense. The good news is that your new mobility scooter will easily fit into your budget.

Hope you enjoyed this three wheel electric scooter article and feel free to share your thoughts on the comments.


Scoot Coupe: Hot Holiday Gift Or Barely-Legal Nightmare?

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three wheel electric scooter scoot coupeIs it a car? A scooter? A motorcycle? All of these questions are fair game when talking about three-wheeled cars, and the issue has even risen as high as the White House, with the Obama administration deciding they are in fact cars in the case of electric-powered three-wheelers like the Aptera 2e. But the legal status of the typical gasoline-powered, motorcycle-based vehicle is a lot more murky.

That's normally not a big problem, but interest in one model in particular, the Scoot Coupe, has seen a huge upwelling in public interest following an appearance on The Price Is Right game show's showcase prize. Now Google is getting hammered with searches for the vehicle, and towns are becoming wary of their "street legal" status.
Some towns have even gone so far as to ban them. Aside from the obvious addition of traffic to the roads, the issue is largely with their scooter-powered nature. Available in 50 cc and 150 cc displacements, the two-seater Scoot Coupe is the very definition of underpowered. Add to that minimal--if any--crash protection and you have what could potentially be a hugely problematic addition to the roadways.

Compounding the problem is the Scoot Coupe's bargain-basement price: just $6,299 for the 50 cc P50 model, and a mere $300 bump to $6,599 for the 150 cc P150.

On the other hand, this isn't the first such vehicle and it's not the first time they've risen to the public spotlight, so perhaps all the "sky is falling" antics are precisely that.


A new way forward for cyclists and motorists

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The recent road rage incident in Sydney involving a lycra-clad road warrior confronting a bus driver perfectly illustrates the growing resentment building between road users in cars and on bicycles.

The introduction of power-assisted bicycles such as the increasingly popular electrical bicycles will introduce another level of complexity in the potentially lethal mix of road users. Electrical bike commuters have the choice of negotiating the traffic on congested roads or weaving around electrical scooters driven by the physically infirm, or pedestrians on their two legs out walking their four-legged companions.

Former NSW minister for roads Carly Scully's philosophy in dealing with the problem of different speed of potential road users and the different protection offered to drivers of cars, motorcyclists and push-bike riders in case of accident is to insist that these different categories don't mix.

However, bicyclists are not one uniform group, but a broad church of lycra and non-lycra clad riders. The group of bicyclists that all Governments want to see more of and need to protect are the commuters that choose bikes over cars to get to work. Indeed the people that the Victorian and NSW governments are trying to entice on the roads and bike paths are the people stuck in traffic on the motorways leading into the city.

The NSW Government have set aside $13.5 million for bicycle initiatives in the current financial year including new bike paths, education programs and local roadworks.

In Victoria, VicRoads is upgrading its principal bicycle network — arterial cycling routes in Melbourne, managed by VicRoads while local councils are maintaining the municipal bicycle network of local cycling routes managed by councils. Also Parks Victoria are looking after recreational off-road bike routes, which are shared with pedestrians.

The problem is that the links between the networks are often missing and the local bike routes might stop at the council border. The Victorian Cycling Strategy and the bicycle strategies of the local councils are trying to address this.

However, none of the bicycle strategies in my view have properly addressed the future of bike commuting and what infrastructure investment is required for mass bike commuting in metropolitan regions. This is best achieved by electrical bicycles or with assistance from an electrical engine driving one wheel powered by the latest in battery technology . The Lithium ion batteries powering the second and third generation electrical bicycles on sale now are light two to three kilograms, can be recharged in a few hours ( the electricity cost is about 20 to 30 cents) and are relatively inexpensive. These will give the commuter a range of 30 to 50 kilometres if pedal-assisted.

The problem of integrating these bicycles in the existing road infrastructure has already raised safety issues for other slower categories of road users and has in some instances led local governments or local police in restricting their use on roads. The question is: are we going to look at power-assisted bikes as a safety problem or a mobility opportunity?

I certainly favour the opportunity that electrical bikes offer the typical not-so-fit commuter in middle-age like myself to get some exercise while they get to work in a safe and convenient way.

My concept for the investment in public health, the environment and building communities lies in the investment in new infrastructure for bicycle commuting. We need to develop under-used road reserves in major metropolitan roads into a dedicated commuter bike-way that will allow separation of commuters in their cars and commuters on electrical or pedal-powered bikes and give the bike riders the most convenient and direct route into the city.

At the same time as the bike way is built, eBike Service stations servicing can be constructed where batteries can be charged and exchanged. Also education and encouragement provided by local councils and state governments and other groups such as the RACV is essential.

Also private businesses leasing out of ebikes and providing other infrastructure such as ebike parking at the ends of the bike way would entice people to abandon their cars.

Below I have presented my vision of the bike commuter road network that would serve to connect the north and eastern growth areas in Melbourne with the City of Melbourne. The Eastern Commuter Bike Way would link in with the on-road and off-road bicycle networks, which would serve to funnel traffic onto the proposed commuter bikeway.

The bike way would be a dedicated commuter bicycle road along the median strip of the Eastern Freeway corridor in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with a western terminus in inner north Carlton and an eastern terminus in outer eastern Bullen. There would be links to the principal bicycle networks and local bicycle networks and also doesn't preclude the building of an elevated train line above it along the same course at a later stage.

Bicycle parking and electric bike charging points would be built along the bike way and at each terminus in partnership with private companies.
Bicycle parking and electric bike charging points would be built along the bike way and at each terminus in partnership with private companies.

An essential part of the scheme would be to provide incentives for private companies to acquire a fleet of electrical bikes for the use of city commuters from the north and eastern suburbs by converting car parking spaces to electrical bike parking spaces in the inner city and link in with public mass transport allowing bike commuters to choose to change over to public transport or continue to their final destination on their bikes.

The cost to the state and federal governments of providing the infrastructure would be about two or three times the total budget for NSW for their bicycle initiatives.

However, I would argue that this bike way is an investment in public health, the environment and in building stronger communities for the future that would go some way in ensuring the liveability of Melbourne when we reach the projected 7 million population mark.

Dr Roger Kalla is director of Klimatechnologies, a company that imports and develops sustainable solutions for housing and transport in an urban context.

Electric Scooter Sales

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The popularity of electric scooters is fast rising nowadays, what with the growing need for a more practical vehicle to maneuver through heavy traffic and the continuing increase in gas and fuel prices. Having said this, if you're looking to find electric scooters for sale, you won't have trouble finding where they are.

You will see electric scooters for sale all over the Internet. What you need to do is just type 'electric scooters for sale' on the search engine of your choice and you will be faced with literally hundreds of online stores offering all kinds and makes of electric scooters. You can choose from a two-wheel drive, a three-wheel drive, or a four-wheel drive. In short, everything you need on electric scooters can be found on the Internet.

You can also see electric scooters for sale on local motorcycle shops. Because electric scooters are fast becoming the vehicle of choice for many, finding several of these babies on motor shops will not be a problem. However, you might not find all models in one store. Your best option, if this is the case, is to contact the manufacturer directly ask for a catalog of their products.

Another great source of electric scooters on sale are forums. Here, not only will you be able to buy all sorts of electric scooters, but you might also chance upon customized versions, as well as used ones. Since electric scooters retail for around $700, you might find something as low as $350 at the forums. It's going to be already used, of course, so just make sure that you know all the details about the unit before you make a deal.

The popularity of electric scooters might entice you to buy the first thing you see on the market just so you can say that you own one. However, consider purchasing an electric scooter for its function and purpose. An electric scooter is not just something you can use to cruise around the block with. You can actually use it to go to work. For some models, they can even go as fast as ten miles per hour, so you're also not lacking in the speed department.

To reiterate, an electric scooter is not merely a stylish piece of equipment. If you know how to use it, you will be able to maximize its full benefits.


Three-wheel drive hybrid scooter boasts 141mpg

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Three wheel Electric scooter Peugeot HYbrid3 Evolution
Peugeot hopes that the safety features, fuel economy and environmental performance of its latest scooter will tempt commuters out of their cars.

The Peugeot HYbrid3 Evolution has no gears and is powered by a 300cc engine driving its single rear wheel and two 3 kW electric motors – one mounted within each of its two front wheels motors.

The trike offers a range of 10km running on electric mode, but a combination of battery power and stop-start technology delivers 141mpg and 48 g/km of CO2.

Three-wheel configuration offers safer handling
The Peugeot Hybrid3 Evolution leans into corners like any other motorcycle, but thanks to its three-wheels it is exceptionally stable, especially in wet conditions. The provision of anti-lock brakes and three-wheel drive offers further advantages over most other conventional scooters, especially for novice riders.

Peugeot has also addressed the issue of visibility to other road users by mounting LED lights on either side of the base of the front windscreen.


Little Known Ways to choose the right Mobility Scooter

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I've recently read an article that gives tips on choosing the right mobility scooter. Three Wheel Electric Scooter is also a mobility scooter. Here is the article and enjoy.


Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter
By Randy McIntire

If you are considering the purchase of a mobility scooter, you should weigh your options carefully. There are several different types of electric mobility scooters, each designed for different kinds of environments and uses. There are light, portable "travel" scooters, mid-sized scooters, and heavy-duty scooters. You may also choose from within each size group between scooters with three wheels and scooters with four. You should take care to ensure that you pick the one that is the most comfortable, functional, and suitable to your lifestyle.

Your choice from among the different sizes of electric scooters available should be based on your body type and how often you plan to travel with your scooter. Portable "travel" scooters are very convenient indeed, but they generally aren't as stable as the mid-sized type. Also, if you are overweight or taller than average, a travel scooter may not suit you. Most travel scooters' weight capacity is 250 lbs and you probably shouldn't buy one unless you weigh 220 lbs or less.

Since they have a lower clearance, a taller individual will probably find that there isn't enough leg room for comfort. Although the travel scooters are lightweight, portable, and inexpensive; the mid-sized electric scooters are generally more popular because they accommodate more types of people. Heavy-duty scooters are great for larger individuals who don't want a scooter that will respond sluggishly. In fact, heavy-duty scooters are also very popular amongst people who aren't overweight because the extra power and responsiveness is such a benefit.

The choice between a three-wheeled and a four-wheeled model of electric scooters depends largely on where you intend to use it most. Three-wheeled models are more popular because they are better suited to indoor use.

If you intend to use the scooter to get around inside your home or when you go shopping, you will need the tight turning radius of a three-wheeled scooter. Three-wheel scooters are also appropriate outdoors, as long as you stay on smooth or paved surfaces. Four-wheeled electric scooters are popular for their stability and comfort, but often have such a wide turning radius that trying to maneuver while indoors becomes tedious. If you like to take long walks outdoors, a rugged four-wheel scooter will allow you to continue those excursions as long as you don't stray too far from the beaten path.

There are several other considerations as well. You will want to know technical details about the scooter's battery life and what options are available for the seat. If you think you'll use the scooter often or for sustained amounts of time, you will want to upgrade the seat to ensure comfort. These types of details are useful so you can compare similar models to determine the best value, but you should first decide what size the electric scooter should be and how many wheels it should have.

Randy McIntire is an author of senior health-related articles and consumer guides to mobility products, such as electric scooters. For more information, please visit All Electric Scooters.

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Three Wheel Electric Scooter

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Today, the market is stocked with different models and types of scooters. To meet the varying needs of buyers, scooters come with different wheel models. A three wheel scooter is one of the popular innovations for people with mobility problems.

As the name implies, a three wheel scooter will have three wheels, one wheel in the front and two wheels in the rear. Three wheel scooters are mainly designed for individual use, and can hold a minimum of 220 and a maximum of 250 pounds. Earlier models of three wheel scooters were heavy and large. With the advance of technology, compact and lightweight three wheel scooters have been introduced in the market. Most commonly, lightweight metals such as aluminum are used for making lightweight three wheel scooters. Thus, they can be easily carried from one place to another.

Three wheel scooters come in different models. One of the popular models is the three wheel folding scooter. This is a combination of the folding scooter and the skateboard scooter, and includes the features of both. As in the folding scooter, the 3 wheel folding scooter features fender brakes, and can be folded into 3 or 4 after use. Therefore, three wheel scooters can be easily carried on the trunk of cars, trucks, vans or other vehicles.

The three wheel scooters are either gas powered or electric powered. Among the gas and electric powered scooters, electric powered three wheel scooters are more commonly used. This is because electric powered scooters are free from noise and air pollution.

Three wheeled scooters are available in various price levels. On an average, a three wheel scooter costs approximately $500 to $3,500. Those who cannot afford brand new three wheel scooters can opt for used ones. Used three wheel scooters come with advance features, at competitive prices.

Today, the scooter market is flooded with different brands of three wheel scooters. Piaggio, Yamaha, Aprilia, Kymco, Honda, Benelli, Motobella, V-Moto, Malaguti, Italjet, Trail Blazer, Motobella, Giamoto and Suzuki are some of the leading manufacturers of three wheel scooters. Depending on the availability, the scooters can be purchased from local outlets, dealers, manufacturers or online stores.

Scooters provides detailed information on Scooters, Motor Scooters, Electric Scooters, Gas Scooters and more. Scooters is affiliated with Fast Electric Scooters.


R Martin Limited Announces Addition of Mobility Scooters and Electric Trikes

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AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 16, 2009 — R Martin Limited is pleased to announce the addition of mobility scooters, lift chairs, and 3-wheel electric trikes to its electric transportation product line-up. Five years of experience with electric transportation make these additions a perfect complement to R Martin Limited’s existing electric bicycle, electric moped and electric scooter product lines.

While they may travel slower than traditional electric transportation, mobility scooters offer the freedom to get around indoors or outdoors. Many folks that can’t walk long distances are using mobility scooters to get out and enjoy life with a little extra assistance. Shopping, traveling, visiting friends and family are all easier with electric powered assistance.

For those that need assistance getting up from a seated position, R Martin Limited is offering and supporting the Pride electric lift chair line. These well-built lift chairs recline completely and also raise up so that getting up is a breeze. All of this is controlled through the electric remote supplied with each chair.

R Martin Limited’s mobility scooters and lift chairs come from Pride and Amigo Mobility. The Pride and Amigo products are quality built and competitively priced. R Martin provides full service for the products, including free consultation and delivery and setup in the home. These services are being offered initially in the Austin, TX metro area. See for more information.

Three-wheel electric trikes are also being added. The trikes will offer another electric transportation option for shopping, commuting, and general transportation needs. R Martin Limited has had many requests for these through the years and has added these to address those requests. The 48v, 350-watt powered electric tricycles are solidly built and well-balanced. A large rear basket is provided for extra carrying capacity.

In addition to these new products, the latest models of R Martin Limited’s highly efficient “R” series electric bikes are in stock and available immediately. R Martin electric bicycles are not classified as motor vehicles and therefore require no license or insurance to operate. By combining high-quality lithium batteries and high-efficiency motors, R Martin bikes can travel 30+ miles per charge with little or no pedaling. This makes them a popular choice for short urban commuting trips without the expense and hassle of traditional gas-powered transportation.

Dealers are welcome to apply for an exclusive territory for R Martin’s electric bikes and trikes. R Martin offers these products at wholesale prices through the web site. See the “Dealer” link at the top of the home page.


Peugeot previews another hybrid three wheeler - the Hybrid3 Evolution

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Peugeot looks to be getting serious about its 3WD hybrid design which we first saw last year at the 2008 Paris Motorcycle Show with the HYbrid3 compressor. Debuting at the Milan Motorcycle Show will be a roofless version named the HYbrid3 Evolution which replaces the 21bhp 125 cm3 supercharged motor with a 41bhp 300 cm3 supercharged engine giving it a total of 49bhp when combined with the two 3 kW (4.1bhp) front wheel motors. The Evolution comes with stop-start engine technology and returns 2.0 liters/100 km (117 U.S. mpg or 141 Imperial mpg) and just 48 g/km of CO2!

The 300 cm3 compressor engine is a beneficiary of PSA Peugeot Citro├źn Group’s ‘downsizing’ strategy, providing the performance of a 500 cm3 engine whilst delivering the CO2 emissions of a much smaller engine.

The two front wheel electric motors offer several benefits in that they can capture energy under braking, they offer an electric-only mode of 10 km and they form part of an advanced 3WD dynamic stability system which makes the vehicle much safer than a motorcycle in adverse road conditions. The narrow width of the Evolution, at just 82 cm, allows it to slip through holes in urban traffic, retaining the efficiency of a two-wheeler.

The front suspension, consisting of deformable parallelograms (i.e. wheels that incline) has at its centre a transverse damper for optimal driveability and stability. The suspension assemblies are positioned on the wheel hub. Like a low-slung tubular chassis, reducing the height of the vehicle’s centre of gravity.

The braking system is particularly interesting in that it incorporates ABS (anti-lock), regenerative braking on the front wheels and links the rear wheel and the two front wheels, offering what Peugeot claims is a reduction in braking distance of around 30 % compared to a two-wheel scooter equipped with traditional brakes.

Visibility, always a problem for smaller road users, is addressed via panels of highly efficient light emitting diodes located on either side of the base of the front windscreen.
The HYbrid3 Evolution can be driven in a number of modes:

* in electric only mode (start-up, low speed and deceleration, offering a range of up to 10 km);
* in petrol only mode, at stable speed on the open road, when the petrol engine offers optimal efficiency;
* petrol engine/electric motor combined, with the three-wheel drive offering enhanced safety and stability

During acceleration, the Evolution offers an electric boost function for extra power and grip and when the vehicle comes to a halt it stops the petrol engine and puts it on standby.

The STOP & START system places the petrol engine on standby when the vehicle is at a standstill (at traffic lights, a stop sign or in traffic jams) or when the vehicle is being driven in electric mode. The system offers significant gains in terms of fuel consumption and emissions, in heavy traffic and also means that the petrol engine can be restarted instantly it is needed.


Piaggio Urban Sport Bike Hybrid

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By Cycle Canada

Introduced in 2009 and coming to Canada in 2010, Piaggio's MP3 Hybrid 3-wheeler was the world's first plug-in hybrid scooter. Yesterday at EICMA, the Italian manufacturer put another of its hybrid innovations on display, the two-wheeled USB (urban sport bike) prototype.

Piaggio says the USB is designed to offer the convenience of a scooter and the comfort of a compact car in three different configurations: single-seater, two-seater, and a cargo-ready version with top box. Top speed, with both gas and electric motors engaged is over 100 kph claims Piaggio, and at an average cruising speed of 60 kph, in the zero emissions electric only mode, they guarantee a 50 km range on a single charge.

No word on whether Piaggio plans to put the USB into production.


Peugeot unveils hybrid scooter concept

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Over the last seven days we have had several news stories about Renault’s green advancements – but its fellow French manufacturer Peugeot is determined not to be left behind.

At the Milan International Cycle and Motorbike Show, the company unveiled a three-wheel drive hybrid scooter concept known as the Hybrid3 Evolution. It delivers 49bhp of power and has fuel consumption at 118mpg while emitting just 48g/km of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the combined cycle.

The Hybrid3 Evolution is a high powered version of the Hybrid3 Compressor that was originally unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. It is roofless and includes electric motors in each of the two front wheels as well a naturally aspirated engine at the rear. There are no mechanical connections between the front and the rear – instead everything is controlled electronically.

It includes a supercharged petrol engine that provides the rear wheel drive with an output of 41bhp; while the two electric wheel motors are powered by lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged during deceleration and braking.

The Hybrid3 Evolution takes its name because it can be driven in three different modes: electric only, with a range up to 10km; petrol only at stable speeds on the open roads; and petrol/electric as required by the road conditions. Among its green features is a stop & start system that places the engine on standby when the vehicle is at a standstill or when driven in electric mode.

According to Peugeot, this hybrid technology will be vital in the future and could be applied in several different forms with naturally aspirated engines, different electric solutions and on any type of vehicle. From 2011, the Hybrid4 3008 will be the first of the group’s vehicles to be sold with an HDi engine at the front and an electric motor at the rear.


New electric bikeboard offers cool new way to cruise through the city

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three wheel electric scooter BIKEBOARD
Berlin - Buzz past obstacles slalom-style and overtake whole queues of traffic with ease. This promise comes from the makers of a new electrically-powered bikeboard and they hope the three-wheeler will be a hit with trendsetters and senior citizens alike. The Swiss-engineered device promises silent running too, with only the whirr of an electric motor to be heard. Billed as a perfect solution for "people who are passionate about environmentally-friendly mobility," the tricycle is lively too. The so-called carving axle allows it to lean into corners, giving a feeling similar to travelling on skis.

Two variants are available with a 500-watt or a 1,000-watt motor and the scooter can cover up to 60 kilometres in electric mode before recharging. According to Swiss inventor Walter Egli, the running costs of this innovative vehicle work out at about 20 euro cents (around 30 US cents) per 100 kilometres.

The more powerful bikeboard variant is said to ensure an effortless uphill ride, even with a heavy load and it can whizz along at a top speed of 31 km/h.

Egli recently opened his first European showroom for the bikeboard on Berlin's Kurfuerstendamm boulevard together with dealer Michael Renn. Egli believes the board is an ideal mode of transport for the golf course or airport apron and a rival to the Segway two-wheeled self-balancing electric vehicle which has been around since 2001.

The use of vehicles such as the bikeboard and the Segway on public streets in Germany is allowed but they are both classed as mopeds and various restrictions apply. Both a license plate and insurance are required and users are obliged to wear a crash helmet.

According to Egli, the bikeboards - which have been produced in the United States since 2008 - are ideal for young and old, and accessories include a seat and a luggage rack or shopping basket. Apparently the oldest customer for the new three-wheeler is an 89-year-old woman from Florida.

Germany's large and influential motoring club, the ADAC, is also in favour of the new form of personal transport. Spokesman Michael Pfalzgraf said the vehicles "contribute toward making the city a cleaner place and also increase a person's radius of activity."

Experts say the bikeboard could be an ideal way of getting around for the elderly and for commuters tired of being snarled up in traffic jams.

Berlin pensioner Kaete Tresenreuter, 85, is sceptical and she believes that with a list price of 3,000 euros (4,460 dollars), a bikeboard would be far too expensive for most elderly people. Tresenreuter is the founder and deputy chairwoman of an organisation which represents senior citizens. She says that bikeboards would be too dangerous for elderly people to use them on busy city streets.


Three Wheel Electric Scooter vs. Three Wheel Gas Scooter

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So you decided to buy a three wheel scooter. The first things you want to know is. Should I buy the three wheel electric or the three wheel gas scooter? Do I go for using electric or using gas. There are many things you want to consider when buying a three wheel scooter. Whether you purchase a three wheel electric scooter or a three wheel gas scooter is one of the decisions you have to go through. This post shows the advantages and dis advantages of each type of three wheel motorized scooter.

COST: Three wheel Electric scooters win the prize in the affordability category. When you compare the two, an three wheel electric scooter that offers the same specifications as a gas scooter will be less expensive.

SPEED: If you leave the cost category, a three wheel gas scooters have the advantage. You'll find three wheel electric scooter models that vary in speed from 8 mph to 15 mph, but three wheel electric scooters offering a speed in excess of 20 mph are very rare. The fastest Three Wheel Electric Scooter I recommended is only 15 mph. You can find it in amazon here.If you compare three wheel gas scooters will zip along at speeds ranging from 16 mph to 30 mph.

NOISE: Three Wheel Electric scooters are the clear winner in this category. Three Wheel Gas scooters are quite loud and their noise level can be compared to a motorcycle, lawnmower or leaf blower. If noise is a concern, you should probably get an three wheel electric scooter. An Three wheel electric scooter is very quiet and usually gives off a low humming sound compared to the high volume sound produced by three wheel gas scooters. If you must have a three wheel gas scooter and noise is a problem for you, try a three wheel gas scooter that has a California C.A.R.B. Tier 2 exhaust emission compliant motor. Three Wheel Gas scooter motors built to California C.A.R.B. standards are quieter.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: And the most obvious in this category… three wheel electric scooters! If your goal is to help save the planet by reducing harmful emissions, then three wheel electric is the best choice. Three Wheel Gasoline scooters burn fuel which give off emissions that are damaging to our environment. However, gas scooters do produce fewer harmful emissions than your car. If you plan on keeping your car in the garage and commuting by gas scooter instead, then at least you're headed in the right direction. Three Wheel Gas scooters with motors built to California C.A.R.B. Tier 2 exhaust emission standards are cleaner combustion compared to three wheel gas scooters.

USABILITY: You can't really determine the winner here even though three wheel electric scooters do have an edge. While three wheel electric scooters get their source of energy from an electrical outlet, three wheel gas scooters need the fuel to run. A gasoline is mixed with two stroke engine oil to properly fuel a three wheel gas powered scooter. If you're don't like using flammable liquids then a three wheel gas powered scooter is not the right one for you.

DURABILITY: A three wheel gas scooters have the advantage here. Generally speaking gas scooters are more durable because they must handle higher speeds and are more likely to be used off road. You can however use the three wheel electric scooter in the park but that's as far as you can go. You probably don't want to cost traffic using a three wheel electric scooter in
the road.

RELIABILITY: Both three wheel electric scooter or three wheel gas scooter have advantage over the other. What you need to watch out for is choose with a quality brand name motorized scooter and to avoid off-brand scooters, no brand scooters and clones. Off-brand scooters, no brand scooters and clones generally offer extremely poor reliability.

SAFETY & LEGAL ISSUES: Both three wheel electric scooters and three wheel gas scooters require attention to safety guidelines and local laws. Check out our Scooter Safety Page for a general overview of safety guidelines for all motorized scooters. Laws regarding motorized scooters vary from different states and it's best to communicate and ask your local DMV or law enforcement agency for the laws in your area. Three wheel Gas scooters that don't comply with California C.A.R.B. Tier 2 exhaust emissions standards are illegal for use in the state of California for other than closed course competition purposes.

The type of three wheel motorized scooter that's best for you depends partly on how you plan on using the three wheel motorized scooter and partly on what best fits you. To help make your decision a little easier, think over the following information:

Three Wheel Electric scooters are much noiseless than their blatant counterparts. You don't need to warm-up when start the three wheel electric scooter. Three wheel Electric scooters are convenient to use and don't require the expensive cost of the fuel. They only cost about five cents per day to charge. Three wheel Electric scooters are allowed on public transit, such as buses, trains, and planes, whereas three wheel gas scooters are typically not allowed by law. Three wheel Electric scooters are Eco friendly and don't have smell of the gasoline.

Three Wheel Gas scooters offer more power and speed. They are lighter in weight and usually have a smaller frame and higher carrying capacity. Three wheel Gas scooters tend to have more range and beat three wheel electric scooters on hills and rough terrain. A Three wheel gas scooter is more convenient than an three wheel electric scooter in that category, you can simply fill it up at your local gas station and get back on the road. An Three wheel electric scooter must be recharged through an electrical outlet and charging can take from four to eight hours depending on the scooter.

There you have it, the basic advantages and disadvantages of buying an three wheel electric scooter versus a three wheel gas scooter. Check the pros and cons and decide which type of three wheel motorized scooter will work best for you. Hope you
find this information useful and leave your thoughts in the comment.

e-motive scooters cost as little as one penny per mile to run

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Launching in the UK with a range of three stylish electric scooters, the British-based e-motive brand is making zero-emission two-wheeled personal transport a viable, practical and affordable reality.

Its triumvirate of dynamic debut models – the e1, e3 and e5 – employs the very latest electric motor and battery technology to get riders from A to B without the CO2. And what is more, they are road tax exempt and cost as little as one penny per mile to run.

But perhaps most importantly, in what is believed to be an industry first for an electrically-powered vehicle, the e-motive range is offered through a 25-strong nationwide network of professional and experienced dealers. Through this ever-increasing network, potential customers will be able to test ride e-motive models and get specific advice from factory-trained technicians who inspect and prepare every scooter before delivery. Launched by automotive specialists Koelliker UK, the team behind the brand are hugely experienced.

Customers will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty, with 2-year AA roadside assistance thrown in, plus full after-sales servicing and support at the dealer should it be needed.

e-motive Managing Director, Paul Williams, said: ‘We are thrilled to be the first brand to make electrically-powered vehicles a real option for ordinary people in the UK. Until now, the drawbacks associated with owning electric vehicles meant they have been reserved for the most committed environmentalists. But the reliability, rideability and all-round consumer package that comes with these scooters finally makes owning and running a zero-emissions vehicle affordable, supremely practical and desirable.

‘The obvious green credentials and quality of the e-motive range, coupled with incredibly low running costs and the ability to travel an impressive distance on a single charge, will make them an attractive proposition to anyone who’s fed-up with the rigours of the daily commute. But it’s the establishment of a nationwide network of professional dealers that sets us apart from the rest. For the first time, buyers will have the backing of solid, ongoing service and not simply be left to fend for themselves if anything goes wrong.’

Fun to ride, each model in the range is more than a match for its traditional petrol-driven counterparts in terms of torque, rideability and reliability. Simply plug them into a standard socket at your home or office and they’ll cover up to 80 miles on a single charge, reaching speeds of 65mph. But they are also cheap to own and operate, while their zero-emission motors mean each model comes with clean air and a clear conscience as standard.

Each model in the e-motive series has been designed to meet the unique needs of different kinds of rider, from those who want a compact and chic city runaround to those who tackle longer journeys and may need space for a passenger. However, all three models shine in four key areas – lifestyle, affordability, performance and reliability.

Forget hours spent in jams or hunting for the right parking space. The new e-motive range is designed to free riders from the grind of modern-day travel and give them back their most precious commodity - time.

Easy to ride and incredibly nimble, each scooter in the range will zip past traffic in a flash and the near-silent motor means you can hear the birds sing along the way. Meanwhile, with no dirty exhaust or harmful emissions, you’ll be able to breathe in the clean air and smell the flowers as you go, safe in the knowledge you’re helping the environment.

When it comes to affordability, the e-motive range is a definite winner, with a competitive purchase price, no engine maintenance, no fuel costs and no tax. And with running costs of around 1p per mile, the average daily UK round trip commute would cost just 20 pence - that’s far cheaper than any car, bus, train or tube.

The compact dimensions of the three e-motive models mean it’s easy to find free parking and, what’s more, zero emissions mean riders will also dodge the taxman, the costly London Congestion Charge, parking charges in some locations, as well as the traffic.

When it comes to performance, each e-motive model is more than a match for its petrol-powered cousins. Even the baby of the bunch – the cool and chic e1 – accelerates swiftly and smoothly, reaching speeds of 40mph and travelling up to 50 miles on a single charge. The mid-range e3 can reach 55mph and travel up to 70 miles on a charge – more than enough for the daily commute. Meanwhile, the daddy of the family – the e5 – is capable of travelling up to 80 miles on a single charge and reaches a top speed of 65mph (where permitted).

Each model in the e-motive range is manufactured to the highest standards and, as such, offers great reliability. However, in the unlikely event things do go wrong, each model comes with a comprehensive two-year, unlimited mileage warranty, including AA roadside assist, for total peace of mind. Just pop into your local e-motive dealer for professional support and advice.

The range:

e1 Series
The e1 is a classic-looking urban scooter with Italian styling that oozes retro chic and timeless cool. Small and easy to manoeuvre, the e1 is available in three variants – the e1S with 2kW motor and silicon battery; the e1 with a 2kW motor and lithium ion battery and the e1+ with 3kW motor and lithium ion battery – making it perfect for the inner city or urban commute.

The e1S can hit a top speed of 28mph and can take you for over 35 miles on a single charge, making it an ideal starter bike for a 16 year-old. The e1 will carry you more than 40 miles on a single charge, while the e1+ can travel at up to 43mph and has a range of 50 miles.
The e1S, costs just £1399, the e1 costs £1999 and the e1+ costs £2249.

The super-versatile e3 is big enough to take two in comfort and powerful enough for long A-road journeys, without losing any of the versatility of its smaller sibling. Powered by a 4kW brushless hub electric motor coupled to a lithium ion battery it can whisk you up to 55mph, yet can travel up to 70 miles at urban commuting speeds.
With modern, sporty styling, it’s priced at just £2999.

Topping the range, the e5 takes personal, zero-emissions transport into new realms of distance and speed. It’s aero-sculpted bodywork and a 5kW brushless hub electric motor means it copes effortlessly with passengers, gradients and long, open-road journeys while travelling up to 80 miles and hitting a top speed of 65mph. And all for just £3999.